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My Story

If you are here then you are probably curious as to how I started my business. I was actually working in the dental field when I started my hobby of photography and sunk my teeth into learning everything I could. I am a hands on learner and I loved watching courses online that showed me how to achieve what I wanted from my camera. It wasn't until after my husband graduated college and we had our third child that pursuing photography full time became an option. So in the summer of 2016 (3 years after photographing my first wedding for a friend) I dove in head first to running my own photography business.

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My Honey

My husband, Jacob, and I started dating on the Friday before Valentine's Day in 2009. Yes, Friday the 13th! Honestly, it was the BEST day ever and lucky that we aren't superstitious at all.

We got married just a year and a half later (10-02-10) because when you know you know and we knew just months into dating that God had put us together to be husband and wife.

Since then we have been adding to our family every 2 years. There is a good chance I will be pregnant or have just had a baby when we meet. People think we are crazy, but we have always wanted a big family and currently have five kids!

My Kiddos

The easiest way to my heart is dinner and dessert for a movie night. I speak fluent movie quotes!
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Fun Facts

Murder, Mystery and Makeup Maven

I am addicted to true crime, spooky stories and love playing around with makeup. I am a natural makeup girl 80% of the time but when I get the chance to get dolled up it's so much fun! It's natural to say I loved the idea of joining those two worlds with YouTube's wonderful beauty gurus that had a regular video talking about true crime, unsolved mysteries, or ghost stories. Youtubers like Bailey Sarian, Better Off Red, and Robert Welsh made me feel like it was totally normal to merge being a spoopy girl with soft makeup looks.

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Fun Facts

Fan Girl

When I say I fangirl over something I mean it to the fullest extent! I nerd out for hours over The Office, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, LotR, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. Oh, did I mention that I have a very specific skill set for Disney karaoke?

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Fun Facts

Favorite Hashtag

#treatyoself Most likely to drop this hashtag into conversation once a week if not everyday! I am ALL about treats and a big fan of Parks and Rec. It's like #YOLO, but doesn't give make me cringe like yolo does.

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Fun Facts

Major Cinephile

That's a fancy way of saying I am a movie buff. Now, I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm a critic. I like some pretty terrible movies! The ones with a 27% on Rotten Tomatoes? Yeah I like one of those movies. I am pretty shy person and words don't come easier for me, so I love the big declarations of love in romantic comedies. On the other hand I love a good murder mystery or twist ending. My personal collection totals over 500 movies!

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Fun Facts

Sweet Nothings

I love all things SWEET! My tea, coffee, and wine all have to be sweet. I joke with my husband I have to have sugar daily because that's how I stay such a sweet person. I find that there is always room for dessert....even right after dessert.

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