Questions - Photography

How will I receive my images?

All photos will be delivered to your email as a private online gallery. From that gallery you have access to download, share, and/or purchase prints, canvases, and/or albums of all your images!


Questions - Photography

What type of paper will you use for the prints and album?

The labs I use to get any and all of my products from always use acid-free, archival-quality paper, which will stand the test of time.


Questions - Photography

What style(s) do you specialize in?

Lifestyle for the win! Lifestyle photography is candid (like Documentary/Photojournalistic) meets posed and styled (like Classic/Traditional). I think it is a happy marriage between the two.


Questions - Photography

How do you feel about Pinterest ideas?

I LOVE Pinterest! I wish I had it during my wedding planning, but it was brand new and I was practically done planning by that point. Bring on the photo inspiration and show me what you like! Just, please, understand that they should be for ideas only. I cannot and will not try to duplicate someone else's photo. It would be almost impossible given we will not be in the same location, same day, same time of day, or the same situation. Photos are like stars, each one is unique and beautiful.


Questions - Photography

Can you make a custom collection?

Want something in between the premade collections? Totally ok! I can tweak any collection to fit your wants and needs!


Questions - Photography

Do you include videography in your services?

Nope, I am purely a photographer. I have some suggestions if you are looking for additional video services of some professionals I have worked with and that do a great job! Just mention it and I'll share the info with you.

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