My Story

If you are here then you are probably curious as to the origins of my business. I was actually in the dental field when I started my hobby of photography and sunk my teeth into learned everything I could. I am a hands on learner and I loved watching courses online that showed me how to achieve what I wanted from my camera. It wan't until after my husband graduated college and we had our third child that pursuing photography became an option. So in the summer of 2016 (3 years after photographing my first wedding) I dove in head first to running my own photography business.

My Family


My supportive husband, est. October 2, 2010, and loving father of my children. We are kinda complete opposites, but he says that's why we work. Although, there are a few things that we both find incredibly funny and we reference them to each other at least once a week. He also helps behind the scenes of this business and is my assistant at every wedding.


She is my first born and she is SO smart. She loves to read, write and draw. She is such a good big sister and natural leader, which is a nice way of saying she can be pretty bossy. She asks so many questions and HAS to know the "why" behind every thing !


Oldest boy and biggest dimples in the family! This Lego lovin', Cars crazy little man is so sweet, but is really teaching me about patience. His favorite color is green and his favorite animal is an elephant.


Lovingly called, Evie (pronounced Ee-vee), is my third born and is my trouble maker. She knows how cute she is and uses it to get away with murder! When that doesn't work she gets so upset and runs to the parent who isn't aware of what she has done to have that parent console her and her big crocodile tears.


My fourth and current baby. This little "honey love" of mine is just the happiest baby ever. I am not sure if my memory has just faded, but I don't remember my other kids being SO smiley all the time. His favorite things in life are to blow raspberries at you and cuddle with mama.

The way to my heart is either dessert or asian food and an in home movie night. I speak fluent movie quotes!

Fun Facts

Fan Girl

When I say I fangirl over something I mean it to the fullest extent! I nerd out for hours over Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. Not to mention certain musical artists, video games and comic books. Oh did I mention that I have a very specific skill set for Disney karaoke?


Fun Facts

Sweet Nothings

I love my tea, coffee, and wine all sweet! I tell my husband I have to have sugar daily because that's how I stay such a sweet person. I find that there is always room for dessert....even right after dessert.


Fun Facts

Major Cinephile

That's a fancy way of saying I am a movie buff. Now, I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm a critic. I like some pretty terrible movies! The ones with a 27% on Rotten Tomatoes? Yeah I like one of those movies. I am pretty shy person and words don't come easier for me, so I love the big declarations of love in romantic comedies. On the other hand I love a good murder mystery or twist ending. My personal collection totals over 500 movies!


Fun Facts

Seeing Stripes

I am addicted to stripes! I know horizontal stripes are not slimming, but I can't keep myself away!! If I am being totally honest at least 60% of my wardrobe has some sort of stripe pattern on it.


Fun Facts


Most likely to drop this hashtag into conversation once a week if not everyday! I am ALL about treats and a big fan of Parks and Rec. It's like #YOLO, but doesn't give me a bad taste in my mouth.

Let's Work Together

I'm so flexible it's like I do yoga …even though I don't
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